WordPress Custom Backgrounds

The custom backgrounds feature allows you to set the site’s background colour or upload a background image of your choice to use as the background for the site

NOTE-The Twenty Fourteen theme has support for both custom background colours and images both of these options will be covered in this section of the guide.

Setting a Custom Background Colour
The first thing we’ll cover here is setting a background colour, which can be done from the background options screen in the Dashboard. To access the custom background options, select the Background option from the Appearance menu. You should see something similar to the screenshot below.

If you have not already configured any Custom Background options, you will see the default settings shown for the theme you are using.
You can set the background colour using one of two methods: Using the integrated colour picker or inputting the hexadecimal value of the colour you want to use manually into the ‘Color’ option textbox.

When you have made your selection, click on the Save Changes button then take a look at the site. You should now have a nice blue background instead of the plain boring one that was there before.
Setting a Custom Background Image
The first thing you will need to do here is upload an image from your own PC to use as the background image. To do this click the Browse button, select the image you want to use from the Explorer window and click upload.
You should be able to see a smaller version of your image in the Image Preview box. If you want to use another image, you can just click the Remove Background Image button and repeat the Upload process again.

Let’s learn a little about each of the Display Options (Position, Repeat, Attachment, Color) and what they do:
Position Sets the position of the image on the page. You can set the position to Left, Centre or Right.
Repeat Specifies whether the image should be ‘repeated’ (that is, displayed multiple times in the background.)
Selecting ‘No Repeat’ will set the background image to be displayed only once.
Attachment The ‘Scroll’option will cause the background image to scroll along with the page content.
The ‘Fixed’ option will stop the background image scrolling along with the page content.
Color This option will allow you to set the colour which fills the space unoccupied by the background image. We won’t be using this in this guide.
So, set the options as follows: set Position option to Left, the Repeat option to Tile and the
Attachment option to Fixed. When you have finished setting the relevant options, click the Save
Changes button in the bottom-left corner.

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