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Search engines will bring your website traffic. Typically around 25%-35% of it. In some cases, it will bring a lot more, and in other cases a lot less. But if search engines bring 95% of your traffic then you’re probably doing something wrong. The following tips describe how to maximise your site for search engine performance, but it’s not the be all and end all – great content usually means great traffic after a while.

Step 01-
Don’t write just for the search engines because when you do that, visitors are
quickly aware of your attempts to stuff keywords into every sentence.

Step 02-
Link Out because quality links add quality to your own site.

Step 03-
Keywords are more important in headers and titles but in body text they quickly lose their power except when linking to other pages in your site and to other websites. For example, if you write ‘click here to read about Britney’s latest escapade’ and link that it will perform worse than a paragraph with a link that reads “when Britney Spears fell out of a taxi drunk”.

Step 04-
Get inward bound links by creating great content, commenting on other blogs, engaging with other bloggers, and generally making an effort to be an active part of the community.

Step 05-
Don’t solicit links from other bloggers because it just annoys them.

Step 06-
Use optimisation plugins but sparingly. It’s not unknown for performance to go down after popular plugins have been utilised. However, we consider Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO as the leading SEO plugins available

Step 07-
Don’t engage in link-farming if you create a site that’s purely there to link to yours or your client sites then the search engines will eventually pick up on this and you could find yourself heavily penalised with a de-listing

Step 08-
The search engines don’t like being gamed any underhand tricks used to increase your ranking could eventually lead to a de-listing. That can include inappropriate link-purchasing, spam blogging, e-mail spam, Twitter spam and so on. Be careful.

Step 09-
If your site is hacked it can be really bad because many spammers try to hack WordPress sites in order to insert their own hidden links. If you have a lot of poor quality links on your site you risk losing page rank.

Step 10-
Some themes perform better than othersbecause the way content is output is very important. Certain layouts perform worse than others too.It’s a bit of a black art, but a good theme alone can make dramatic difference

Step 11-
Concentrate on great content rather than working the search engines – trust me, people link a lot to good stuff.

The following is a short list of plugins and Services which we at Interconnect IT have found to be very useful in extending the functionality of WordPress. Whilst we believe that these plugins are secure and reliable, we of course cannot make any warranty about their effectiveness in real-world use. We always recommend testing in a non-live development environment before implementing on a live production site.
The following services have shortcodes or embed codes which can be used to easily publish the services within your WordPress site.
Audio Files Soundcloud,Audioboo

Video Files YouTube,Vimeo,VideoPress

Slides /Presentations SlideShare

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