PHP String

PHP string functions are used to manipulate string data.a string is series of characters, where a character is the same as a byte. This means that PHP only supports a 256-character set, and hence does not offer native Unicode support
The most common string functions include the following

  • PHP addslashes Function: Adds slashes to specified characters in a string.
  • PHP echo: Outputs one or more strings.
  • PHP explode: Splits a string into multiple strings based on the specified delimiter.
  • PHP htmlentities: Converts characters into corresponding HTML entities
  • PHP htmlspecialchars: Converts 5 characters into corresponding HTML entities.
  • PHP implode: Joins array elements with a specified delimiter.
  • PHP md5: Calculates the md5 hash of a string.
  • PHP number_format: Sets the format of a numerical output.
  • PHP print: Outputs one or more strings.
  • PHP str_replace: Changes certain occurrances on a string with a replacement string.
  • PHP strlen: Returns the length of a string.
  • PHP strpos: Finds the position of the first match in a string.
  • PHP strstr: Returns all characters of a string after the first match.
  • PHP substr: Retrieves a portion of the string.
  • PHP trim: Strips out white spaces at both ends of a string.
Function Description
addcslashes() Returns a string with backslashes in front of the specified
addslashes() Returns a string with backslashes in front of predefined
bin2hex() Converts a string of ASCII characters to hexadecimal values
chop() Removes whitespace or other characters from the right end of a string
chr() Returns a character from a specified ASCII value
chunk_split() Splits a string into a series of smaller parts
convert_cyr_string() Converts a string from one Cyrillic character-set to another
convert_uudecode() Decodes a uuencoded string
convert_uuencode() Encodes a string using the uuencode algorithm
count_chars() Returns information about characters used in a string
crc32() Calculates a 32-bit CRC for a string
crypt() One-way string encryption (hashing)
echo() Outputs one or more strings
explode() Breaks a string into an array
fprintf() Writes a formatted string to a specified output stream
get_html_translation_table() Returns the translation table used by htmlspecialchars()
and htmlentities()
hebrev() Converts Hebrew text to visual text
hebrevc() Converts Hebrew text to visual text and new lines (\n) into
hex2bin() Converts a string of hexadecimal values to ASCII characters
html_entity_decode() Converts HTML entities to characters
htmlentities() Converts characters to HTML entities
htmlspecialchars_decode() Converts some predefined HTML entities to characters
htmlspecialchars() Converts some predefined characters to HTML entities
implode() Returns a string from the elements of an array
join() Alias of implode()
lcfirst() Converts the first character of a string to lowercase
levenshtein() Returns the Levenshtein distance between two strings
localeconv() Returns locale numeric and monetary formatting information
ltrim() Removes whitespace or other characters from the left side of a string
md5() Calculates the MD5 hash of a string
md5_file() Calculates the MD5 hash of a file
metaphone() Calculates the metaphone key of a string
money_format() Returns a string formatted as a currency string
nl_langinfo() Returns specific local information
nl2br() Inserts HTML line breaks in front
of each newline in a string
number_format() Formats a number with grouped thousands
ord() Returns the ASCII value of the first character of a string
parse_str() Parses a query string into variables
print() Outputs one or more strings
printf() Outputs a formatted string
quoted_printable_decode() Converts a quoted-printable string to an 8-bit string
quoted_printable_encode() Converts an 8-bit string to a quoted printable string
quotemeta() Quotes meta characters
rtrim() Removes whitespace or other characters from the right side of a string
setlocale() Sets locale information
sha1() Calculates the SHA-1 hash of a string
sha1_file() Calculates the SHA-1 hash of a file
similar_text() Calculates the similarity between two strings
soundex() Calculates the soundex key of a string
sprintf() Writes a formatted string to a variable
sscanf() Parses input from a string according to a format
str_getcsv() Parses a CSV string into an array
str_ireplace() Replaces some characters in a
string (case-insensitive)
str_pad() Pads a string to a new length
str_repeat() Repeats a string a specified number of times
str_replace() Replaces some characters in a
string (case-sensitive)
str_rot13() Performs the ROT13 encoding on a string
str_shuffle() Randomly shuffles all characters in a string
str_split() Splits a string into an array
str_word_count() Count the number of words in a string
strcasecmp() Compares two strings (case-insensitive)
strchr() Finds the first occurrence of a string inside another
string (alias of strstr())
strcmp() Compares two strings (case-sensitive)

NOTE- string can be as large as up to 2GB (2147483647 bytes maximum)

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