New Assignment for Mysql Database Part 1

Now you will get a chance to create the database of your design from last week. You will create a script that can be fed to MySQL to setup your database.
1. Create/open a file called SQL.txt using your favorite editor.
2. Put your name and student number on the first line as a comment(put # at the start of a line to make it a comment).
3. Put in a command to create a database with the same name as your account(ie create a database called EOSC070 if your account is EOSC070).You have been granted full permission to create and modify a database matching your account name.
4. Put in a command to use the database you have created.
5. Put in commands to create each table you have defined in your design.
6. Save SQL.txt.
7. Run your script to create the database. To do this, type mysql < SQL.txt -p on the command line and input the password. 8. Enter mysql (mysql -p) and check that your database conforms to your specifications. Use show databases, show tables, and use commands to do this. If there are any problems, you can drop database to delete your database, then fix your script and re-run it. If you do not delete your database before re-running your script, your script will fail with errors when attempting to create an existing database. 9. When you are satisfied with your script, delete your database and logout of mysql with quit.

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