Getting Started WordPress

When you get WordPress installed you won’t have any content in your site beyond what comes as vanilla – which is a single category, a set of blog links you probably don’t want, a page and a post.So the first thing to do is: Log In!

If you haven’t got a login link on your site’s front page, simply add /wp-admin to the root address and you’ll arrive at the login page as above
During installation you will have set up a username been told of your password which will have been auto-generated. Alternatively, if someone installed the site for you, he or she will have given you the login and password details.

The new fully responsive design makes it easier to work on your website from a variety of mobile devices. You’ll notice if you adjust the size of your browser window, whilst in either the admin area or when actually viewing your website, the site layout will adjust to fit much more smoothly than in previous versions.
Navigating Around the Administration Panel
Navigation of the admin panels in WordPress is pretty straightforward, but it can feel like there are a bewildering range of options to choose from.
The Tool bar
At the top of your WordPress site you will the tool bar.This is shown when you are logged into the administration area and website, you can also (optionally) turn it on for when you are viewing your website. Find this option in Users/Your Profile:
The tool bar itself provides you with quick access to the administration area in the following ways:

  • WordPress Logo: Quick links to, version information, credits and official
    support forums
  • Site Name: Shown here as ‘Instant WordPress’ with Quick links to the Dashboard, theme
    selection, appearance, widgets and other menus in the admin areas
  • Updates: This shows plugin and theme updates that are available – clicking will take you to
    the updates admin page
  • Comments: A link to the comments administration area which will indicate how many
    comments are awaiting approval if any
  • + New: A dropdown to quickly add content to your site
  • Edit Post/Page: A link to edit the current Post/Page or any other post type will appear if
    you’re logged in and viewing content
  • Language: This indicates the language you are using.
NOTE- The user section (on the right), quick links to your profile editing screen, and logout link

Screen Options
One thing that many people don’t notice is the Screen Options drop down in the top right of the screen, next to the Help drop down
This is a really useful (and not to say, important!) feature, allowing you to control the amount of items you can see on a screen. When you click it, a set of options will slide down, much like this one below:
Understanding the differences between your pages and your posts
Before we start working on your site, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the difference between pages and posts:
Pages are usually those which have a static purpose in life. For example an about page, résumé page or contact forms. They do not usually contain information about news items, for example, which are added to the site on a regular basis. Pages are generally defined so that they are always accessible from the front page. Some people build entire sites with just Pages – this is especially the case for sites with little need for dynamic content and is very popular with small businesses who simply want an online brochure.

Posts usually contain semantically and chronographically arranged information – for example, news reports, event results, and of course blog entries! The semantic structure is defined by categories and tags, and whilst making it easy for people to navigate your site will also help search engines to understand the content of your site and so improve the relevance of search results

Other Post Types in WordPress plugins and themes may add other post types which look a bit like Posts or Pages but behave in different ways – for example, the interconnect/it Spots plugin adds a post type for all those little snippets of content you see on a website in sidebars and footers such as copyright notices.

Adding and Editing Content
Rather than go on too much about the concepts above, website structure and methods, sometimes it’s better to simply get cracking, so let’s start to get some content into the site right away. You’re now going to go to Posts and add a new one.
WordPress provides a number of tools – for editing, and for image management. It allows you to easily manage your content with a familiar editing interface. You don’t need to learn HTML – just the skills you’ve already acquired using word processors like Microsoft Word.
Creating your first post using the visual editor
You can easily enter format text using the visual editor if you’re familiar with any word processing packages.
Let’s create a news article – just go to Posts and Add New in the left hand toolbar (if you’re writing a static Page, you go to Pages and Add New instead):

Creating your first post using the visual editor
You can easily enter format text using the visual editor if you’re familiar with any word processing packages.
As you can see from the buttons, it’s possible to format text in a number of ways using the buttons and they’ll be familiar to any user of word processor software. You can also extend the size of the box by dragging on the bottom right of it.

NOTE- Don’t forget – if you get stuck, hovering over the buttons will describe what they do, and the shortcut to use them quickly from the keyboard.

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