Generalization , Specialization & Aggregration


A Generalization of a concept is an extension of the concept to less-specific criteria.Generalization is a bottom-up approach in which two lower level entities combine to form a higher level entity. In generalization, the higher level entity can also combine with other lower level entity to make further higher level entity.



An entity set may include subgroupings of entities that are distinct in some way from other entities in the set.
Specialization is opposite to Generalization. It is a top-down approach in which one higher level entity can be broken down into two lower level entity. In specialization, some higher level entities may not have lower-level entity sets at all.


Aggregation is an abstraction in which relationship sets (along with their associated entity sets) are treated as higher-level entity sets, and can participate in relationships.
Aggregration is a process when relation between two entity is treated as a single entity. Here the relation between Center and Course, is acting as an Entity in relation with Visitor.


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