Which is the Best Technology ? PHP or Dot Net and Why?


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    PHP at first began as C for the web computer encoding and accomplishing other little tasks. But these days it has developed as an powerful and successful web computer encoding terminology that is at the same time is clear and understandable and easy to use.
    The level of the reputation of the PHP terminology can be seen from the truth that most of the web sites these days are designed on the PHP Frameworks.

    Both are better according to their usability, costs and on availability. Its your take how much preference you will give to them.
    Opinions invited !!

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    .Net is a Technology from Microsoft that is one of the great company in IT industry. And it is true that .net is better than php.
    Because microsoft provides so many features in their product.
    Naming a few: It’s drag and drop feature is great which avoids much work load for writing code. I like this feature.
    Intellisense is another great feature of .net

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    Both have their own features and advantages.
    .NET is product from Microsoft and it is very well used for developing web application and provides great flexibility to their developer. and being licensed provides great support to the developers.
    PHP is Open Source product, hence it is available free on the market.Therefore used more and well for small companies.You can browse n get php code easily on the internet.

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      But .Net is easy too !!
      because Most of the controls are built in. like:

      Basic Controls (e.g.<asp:Button1>,<asp:Label1>.etc)
      HTML Controls (e.g.<input label1>)
      Data Controls
      Rich Controls
      Ajax Controls
      Login Controls
      Validation Controls
      Surely I find Dot net (ASP.NET) better than php.

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      I think PHP is better the DOT NET because PHP is totally open source and supported every operating system.
      DOT NET is supported in only windows operating system.

      Speaking of .Net :it’s not a secure.
      PHP usually runs on Apache which in turn usually runs on Linux servers.
      Everyone knows Linux is much more stable than Windows on which IIS is usually installed.

      Moreover, Apache is free and you can also get free distros of Linux whereas Windows costs $$$$.

      PHP is very popular and more widely used anyway.
      In my opinion you should go for PHP

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    I think .Net is better than PHP in terms of technology..
    Whereas, PHP is better in terms of Cost..

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