Formatting text using the HTML editor

You can also click on the ‘text’ HTML tab on the editor and input text in HTML – the language that describes web pages. This is for the more technically inclined and does have the advantage of making it easier for you to create more sophisticated layouts within a page.

Adding links to your posts
One of the most important things you can do on your website is to link out to other sites. Those other sites will appreciate the links, but it also shows where you get your information from. This is useful to the reader and also a sign of an experienced and skilful blogger who cites his references. It’s also well worth linking within your own site. Of course, it takes a little extra time, but it’s worth it for the extra engagement and the ability for a reader to continue exploring your content

There are some situations where a new window works – usually this is to pop something up where you just know that the visitor will want to quickly look at and then close – however, in blogging this is relatively rare, so the best advice is to try and stick to opening links in the current window.
Adding images to your posts
You can easily add images using the standard WordPress tools. Again, like so much of WordPress, there have been some dramatic improvements in recent versions – including the automatic sizing of images,thumbnailing and image management

When you select an image, the details for it are shown in the right column. Let’s go through the options and controls:
Title – this is the title of the image
Caption – the caption text for the image. (This appears to have replaced the ‘Description’ section
from previous versions of WP). This text appears under the image when it is posted on the website.
Alternative Text – a brief description of the image. The alt text is much more important to blind
users than the title. Do make sure it’s not a repeat of the title, however – that’s duplication that doesn’t go down well.
Attachment Display Settings
Alignment – This allows you to set how the image is aligned.
Link To – This allows you to choose if you want the image to link to the Attachment Page (the default option), a custom URL, a media file, or none (no link).
Size – you’ll want to choose how big the image is. If it’s not too massive, you can use the Full Size
image – just make sure it fits into the space available. Otherwise, a Thumbnail, by default is a 150x150px square, and Medium is cropped to fit in a 300x300px space. The default thumbnail size can be changed under Settings | Media.

Adding video clips to your posts
In WordPress 3.6, they added a built-in HTML5 media player meaning that external services are now no longer needed to play native audio and video.
To add a video file from a website, you can copy and paste the URL directly into your post. Or you can use upload your own video or audio file to the Media Library.

And now, if you look at the post, it should look something like the image on the next page. However, sometimes the video doesn’t always embed correctly and instead WordPress simply displays the URL to the video as a link. This is because of the way the clipboard can work with some browsers and operating systems whereby the source you copied from places an actual link rather than simply a string into the clipboard. If you do experience the problem then one way to work around this problem is to click on the ‘text’ HTML tab in the editor and paste the URL in there. Save
as a draft and you’ll see that the video has now embedded correctly!

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