CSS Lists

The list properties used to control the presentation of list item markers
Types of ListsThere are three types of list:

  • Unordered lists – A list of items, where every list items are marked with bullets
  • Ordered lists – A list of items, where every list items each are marked with numbers

The list-style-type Property
The list-style-type property sets the shape or style of bullet point (also known as a marker) in the case of unordered lists, and the style of numbering characters in ordered lists.

   ul {
        list-style-type: square;
    ol {
        list-style-type: upper-roman;

The list-style-position Property
The list-style-position property determines whether the marker or bullet point appear inside or outside of the list items’ principal block boxes.
It takes the value inside or outside, with outside being the default. If the value inside is used, the lines will wrap under the marker instead of being indented

ul.in li {
        list-style-position: inside;
    ul.out li {
        list-style-position: outside;

The list-style-image Property
The list-style-image property sets an image as the bullet type for a list.
The following style rule assigns an image: “arrow.gif” as the list marker for all items in the unordered list.

 ul li {
        list-style-image: url("arrow.png");

The example above does not display equally in all browsers. IE and Opera will display the image-marker slightly higher than Firefox, Chrome, and Safar

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