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What is a Cookie?
A cookie is often used to identify a user. Cookie is a txt file. That is send by webserver to webbrowser. This cookies file store on User’s computer. When user open any page in browser, then every time webserver send cookie too. In php we can also create cookies.

  • For create/delete cookie we use setcookie() function.
  • For create/delete cookie we use setcookie() function.


  • Name:- The name of the cookies
  • Value:- The value of the cookies.
  • Expire:- The time when cookies will expires.
  • Path:- The path where cookies strone on the server
  • Domain:- The domain that the cookie is available

Note:- setcookies function use before <html>tag.
Basic PHP Syntax
Example 1:- This PHP Script create cookie.

<?phpsetcookie("user", "John", time()+60);?>


user is the name of Cookie 
John is the value of the Cookie 
time()+60 is a time(1 Min.) after 1 Min. Cookie will delete from user’s computer.

Example 2:- This PHP Script print cookie value.

echo $_COOKIE["user"];

Example 3:- This PHP Script print all cookies.


Example 4:- This PHP Script to delete Cookie Data.

setcookie("user", "", time()-3600);

Note:- Cookies is use in Remember me script in login section.
Cookies and Array


foreach ($_COOKIE['myarray'] as $value)
  echo “$value “;


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